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LGH! Sunday, Nov. 7. 2010

Lez Gut Hoot everybooby! Yes! Yes, please!

Let's Get Hot!
with Chris Locke & Aaron Eves


Tim Polley
Marco Bernardi
James Hartnett
Desiree Lavoy
Todd Graham
Brian Barlow
Kathleen Phillips
Nick Flanagan
Jon McCurley

Plus so much more surprises and suproozes!

See you there at blast off!

334 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm


Let's Get Hot! Sunday, Sept. 5.

Let's Get Hot! is glad to see you again! Please come in and wipe your feet on the shag carpet. Oh, these? Yeah, they're Ritz crackers with old cheddar cheese and black olives on them. Eat them, friend. Enjoy yourself.
Look at the moon... isn't it beautiful?
I'm touching your amazing butt.

Let's Get Hot!
with Chris Locke & Aaron Eves


Nikki Payne
Mae Martin
Stephanie Kaliner
Michael Balazo
Nick Flanagan
Brian Barlow
Kathleen Phillips
Jon McCurley

And a vid by Mark Little.

Oh yeah, it's going to be a fantastic show. Don't move my hand off of your butt.

Sunday, Sept. 5
334 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm


Hello, What? on Funny Or Die.

Now you can vote for the darn video here: Funny Or Die



Hello, What?

A new short by Chris Locke & Tom Henry.
Directed, shot, and edited by Derek Horn.
Featuring: Tom Henry, Chris Locke, Aaron Eves, Tim Gilbert, David Dineen-Porter, and Nick Flanagan.


Before he was, "King Kong".

Hi everyone!
I've compiled a list of names that Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace tossed back and forth before going with King Kong for their legendary giant ape monster.

Here they are:

1. Big Guy
2. Gary Gorilla
3. Prince Behemoth
4. Lord Hefty Ape
5. Dongo Bonger
6. Cheech Chong
7. Potentate Nate
8. Monstrous Monkey
9. Stupid Alexander
10. King Kung


Whiplash Pics. UCB July 26/10

These are two pics by the amazing Mindy Tucker from the Monday, July 26th Whiplash show at the UCB NYC.