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Let's Get Hot! Birthday Bash!

The show I host with my friend, Aaron Eves, critically acclaimed, "Let's Get Hot!" this Sunday, is also our birthday bash!
People who read this should definitely come out and see what the laugh-fuss is all about.
Here's the info:

Chris Locke and Aaron Eves are celebrating their birthdays by hosting their favourite comedy show!

Laugh Sabbath
Let's Get Hot!
With Chris Locke and Aaron Eves

The Jeanines
Makesi Arthur
David Dineen-Porter
Tim Gilbert
Sara Hennessey
Kurt Smeaton & Alana Johnston
Levi MacDougall
Brian Barlow
Jon McCurley

a new video by Chris and Aaron
a new video by Chris & Nathan Fielder

Come out and celebrate and laugh your bun-buns off, you little sugar buns, you!

Sunday, March 2
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm!

Here's one of the old LGH! intro vids.

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