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Things I've overheard during an ice storm.

- "Now all we need is Pepsi Cola and some Crown Royal, Ya feel me?"

- "Oh no, I forgot about this kind of weather!"

- "Ice-tastic! Just kidding. Ice-shit."

- "Check it out, that bus is going to get a coffee... Oh wait, it's actually crashing into Starbucks."

- "My baby just slid into the sewer."

- Flinstone style feet kicking noise

- "I'm calling the Mayor! Hello, Mayor, I do not pay you for ice storms!"

- "Sheesh!"

- "Hey you kids! Stop skating on my lawn!"

- "Ow, I slipped and cracked open my head. There's blood everywhere. No one's listening to me. I'm talking to myself. How embarrassing."


Duke of Spook said...

"My baby just slid into the sewer." is my favourite and I think it would make a great Family Circus

Salamander said...

What was this, written by Jonathan and Shelly "WINTERS" ?

No, itssssnow picnic out there.
Nope, itsssssnot.