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Let's Get Hot! Sunday, Jan. 4.

Wow, like, if you live near or in Toronto, this is the comedy show to check out every month.
Here's the details for the up-coming January show!

Let's Get Hot!
with Chris Locke & Aaron Eves.

Jeremy Mersereau
Levi MacDougall
Adam Christie
Nick Flanagan
Nathan Fielder
Jon McCurley
Brian Barlow
Kathleen Phillips

Wow! Come to 'dis!

"The best comedy show ever since I took a shitty-poo-poo"
- Best critic ever!

Sunday, Jan. 4
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm

Here's a classic pic of Aaron and I in my classic room in front of my classIC! computer!


Let's Get Hot! Photos Dec. 7/08

Some photos I really liked by Joe Fuda from last weeks LGH! show.
There's Aaron Eves, Kathleen Phillips, Jon McCurley, Aaron & I beating up Nathan, Nathan Fielder, Levi MacDougall, James Hartnett, Brian Barlow, and me.


Santa's Back!

A music video I made for the Tiny Miracles Christmas show.
Filmed & Edited by Nathan Fielder.
Cameo by a kind Aaron Eves.


Let's Get Hot! Sunday, Dec. 7!

Aaron's back from Europe and this LGH! is going make your mind blow up and then contract in again and then freeze to death! It's going to be that good. So yeah, you have to go or else, I'm sorry to say, you're not really keeping up to date on the hot comedy.
Here are the details:

Let's Get Hot!

Chris Locke & Aaron Eves

Tim Polley
Zabrina Chevannes
Dylan Gott
Gary's Kids (A new sketch troupe from a YTV show featuring James Hartnett, Alana Johnson, & Kayla Lorette)
And of course:
Levi MacDougall
Jon Mccurley
Brian Barlow
Kathleen Phillips

And special guest!!!
... probably Nathan Fielder.

!!! Guh!

Sunday, December 7.
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm

Photo by Adam Brodie.

Photos from the Hour of Power!

Man, Joseph Fuda is taking some great photos of the Laugh Sabbath shows. He's a great fan and a great photographer. These are some of me performing some absurd thoughts about trumpets and a restaurant called, 'Taco Dong.'


Whoa! The Dumbest Shit show sure turned into the drunkest shitheads show fast! The show started at 12:30am and everyone on it was drunk and acting weird! Brian, Graham, and I started going through the Sketchersons costume trunk just to get some sort of honest laugh. What? Anyway, would you have laughed at these freaks?


The Dumbest Shit Show!

I am co-hosting Brian Barlow's The Dumbest Shit Show this Saturday night.
We're most likely going to be doing some random absurd improv and there's a bunch of other awesome guests.

here's the info:

The Dumbest Shit Show.

Comedians just fucking around, doing the dumbest stuff they can think of.

Pat Thornton
Gary Rideout Jr.
Bob Banks
Graham Wagner
and more...
Hosted by Brian Barlow & Chris Locke

It's free.

Saturday, Nov. 29.
Comedy Bar
945 Bloor St. W.


Hour of Power & Dinkus photo!

The Hour of Power is coming up this Sunday and so far it look like it's going to be a KILLER!!!! of a show.

Here's the info and poster for that:

AND! here's a sweet photo of Dinkus performing last Sunday taken by Joseph Fuda. It's Brian Barlow, Me, and Graham Wagner.

Lot's of stuff is going to keep happening! So Keep checking for show, videos, etc.!


Laugh Sabbath Best of Show This Sunday.

Don't miss it!
Featuring fresh off their successful stints in Montreal and at the Toronto sketchfest, DINKUS (Chris Locke, Graham Wagner, Brian Barlow, Aaron Eves, and Michael Balazo) are performing some nutzoid sketch their style!
You'll love it.

Here's some more info:

Laugh Sabbath is having a Best Of Show!

Come out and see this hilarious shit go down, in real time!

With your host, TIM GILBERT!

And featuring some best stuff from:

... and many, many more!

Doors: 8:30 pm
Show: 9:00 pm
Fun: Forever pm

Cover: $5

Sunday, Nov. 23. 2008.
332 Queen St. W.

Go to it and say you're going and then go!



New LGH! Picnic intro.

Here's a new intro for the hit live Toronto comedy show Let's Get Hot! starring yours truly, Aaron Eves, and our girlfriends!

It's really pixelated for some reason but you get the fun idea!


My New Comedy Show!

A new comedy show for the ages. Where comedian Chris Locke spins an absurd yarn and his silly friends will say funny things as well. It will be great.

Apes With Japes

Chris Locke

Jon McCurley
Tim Gilbert

The Ossington
61 Ossington Ave.
Doors: 8:30pm

apes with japes


"Fuzzy" Pierre

"Fuzzy" Pierre is trying to get a cool movie made.

"Fuzzy", editing, and music - Chris Locke
Hazel, camera, and singing - Ashley E. Gray


Into My Mind. Parts 3 & 4!

hit movie series that has played in front of live audiences that go like, "wha! ha ha ha!"


Into My Mind. Parts 1 & 2

New movies I'm working on. Please let your eyes enjoy this!


New Video With Brian Barlow!

Together we are also known as the sketch troupe, The Gurg.
Here's a video I made called, Drag-Noob!


Let's Get Hot! Party Video

Here's a video I made for my Let's Get Hot! comedy show.
Music, directing, and editing by me. Filmed by my friend James Brylowski and featuring a ton of my favourite Toronto comedians and people in general!


Let's Get Hot! Birthday Bash!

The show I host with my friend, Aaron Eves, critically acclaimed, "Let's Get Hot!" this Sunday, is also our birthday bash!
People who read this should definitely come out and see what the laugh-fuss is all about.
Here's the info:

Chris Locke and Aaron Eves are celebrating their birthdays by hosting their favourite comedy show!

Laugh Sabbath
Let's Get Hot!
With Chris Locke and Aaron Eves

The Jeanines
Makesi Arthur
David Dineen-Porter
Tim Gilbert
Sara Hennessey
Kurt Smeaton & Alana Johnston
Levi MacDougall
Brian Barlow
Jon McCurley

a new video by Chris and Aaron
a new video by Chris & Nathan Fielder

Come out and celebrate and laugh your bun-buns off, you little sugar buns, you!

Sunday, March 2
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm!

Here's one of the old LGH! intro vids.


Beer and Etalk!

Here's some random clips I found that are not of my making.
One is a Bud Light commercial I'm in quickly as a frightened bartender. The other is an ETalk daily segment featuring my fellow Laugh Sabbath producers and I being compared to the Kids In The Hall for some reason even though we aren't a sketch troupe and promoting our shows!

22 minutes cameo

Yeah, I got to make a silly cameo on Nathan's segment for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.
Someone posted it on
check it out!


Laugh Sabbath Talent show Sunday Feb. 10th

Chris is a co-producer of the Laugh Sabbath weekly series of comedy shows at the Rivoli in downtown Toronto.
This week is the, "Talent Show" where Chris will be performing with comedians, Graham Wagner, and Michael Balazo as Dinkus.

Other acts on the show include:

HIR (Holly, Inessa, Rebbeca)
The Remainders
Levi MacDougall & David Dineen-Porter
With host James Hartnett.

Sunday, Feb. 10
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm

Here's a clip of Chris Locke and Graham Wagner doing an older bit together.
James Bond Villain Lines that were cut from the original movies!


An example of what to find at Joshhotdog's youtube page!

A real short movie made by Chris Locke and Nathan Fielder when they were the artists in residence at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

Jason Papadopoulos!

What can I say? This guy is a genius when it comes to picking up women! Please check out his awesome youtube vids and see if any of his advice works for you!