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Let's Get Hot! Sunday, Jan. 3

2010: Year of laughing forever.
Start that crazy year off laughing off at the Rivoli THIS Sunday!

Check out this awesome line-up:

Let's Get Hot!
with Chris Locke & Aaron Eves


Michael Balazo
Dawn Whitwell
Nick Flanagan
Marco Bernardi
Matt Shury
Brian Barlow
Jon McCurley
Kathleen Phillips

The debut of a new short film by Chris Locke called, Kelly 5-9.
Directed and edited by Derek Horn
with Nathan Fielder & Leslie Gottlieb.

"Good to see you!" Is what we'll say at the thing.
See you there!

Sunday, Jan. 3
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm


Things I overheard people say in the mall food court during Christmas.

- "What do you mean the colors of my scarf bring out an anger in you?"

- "Look at that poor family over there watching us eat all this Manchu Wok."

- "I just want money, okay? No gifts! Just money."

- "Did you see those MILFs fighting in La Senza?"

- "Oh no! All the chocolates melted in my purse!"

- "That janitor just ate some fries out of his dustpan."

- "Grandma's ham is always dry and Grandpa always accidentally butters his hand... it's embarrassing. How do you not know you're buttering your hand?"

- "Where were you?"
- "I was in H&M like I said!"
- "Oh! I went to HMV."
- "You idiots, let's get out of here."

- "I just saw a baby taking a dump in Foot Locker."

- "This parka has a great pocket for me to keep my discman in."
- "Discman!?"
- "Yeah, why, what's up?"

- "He dumb!"

- "I hope that was eggnog on Santa's pants."


Santa's Back! Re-post.

Merry it up!
Thought I'd repost this since the it's that time of year again! Please hit "Digg" on the side if you're all about it!

Santa's Back


Things I've overheard during an ice storm.

- "Now all we need is Pepsi Cola and some Crown Royal, Ya feel me?"

- "Oh no, I forgot about this kind of weather!"

- "Ice-tastic! Just kidding. Ice-shit."

- "Check it out, that bus is going to get a coffee... Oh wait, it's actually crashing into Starbucks."

- "My baby just slid into the sewer."

- Flinstone style feet kicking noise

- "I'm calling the Mayor! Hello, Mayor, I do not pay you for ice storms!"

- "Sheesh!"

- "Hey you kids! Stop skating on my lawn!"

- "Ow, I slipped and cracked open my head. There's blood everywhere. No one's listening to me. I'm talking to myself. How embarrassing."


Let's Get Hot! Sunday, Dec. 6

We're really excited for the December edition!
Check out the frosted snowman cool line-up:

Let's Get Hot!
with: Chris Locke & Aaron Eves


Ladystache (Stephanie Tolev, Allison Hogg)
Adam Christie
Mack Lawrenz
Makesi Arthur
Jon McCurley
Kathleen Phillips
Nick Flanagan
Plus surprises!

332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm

It's going to be so fun!
If you wear real knights armor from the Middle Ages you get in for free!!!