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Dinkus Space Man Pics & Article.

Katie Crown took these funny pics of Dinkus (Me, Graham Wagner, Brian Barlow, and Michael Balazo) in our Dinkus space suits from the Dinkus Vs Alien set.
Also, check out the National Post article about the show. I wish all articles about us were just quotes of jokes.

National Post Article


Laugh Sabbath 3 yr! Anniversary!

This is really going to be an amazing show! I hope you can make it out! I'm perfroming with Dinkus (Me, Graham Wagner, Michael Balazo, and Brian Barlow) and we're doing a tight version of the Alien Vs. Dinkus show!

Here's a link to a blurb about us by the Torontoist:

Torontoist article

Information on poster below!