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New Pic by Joe that I like.

Also coming up this Sunday, April 5.
Another Let's Get Hot! Show with Aaron Eves and I.
New intro movie coming soon.
Here's the details on the show.

Let's Get Hot!
With Chris Locke & Aaron Eves

Gilson Lubin
James Hartnett
Roberts & Moorhead
Sean Sinclair-Day
Katie Crown
Daniel Woodward
David Dineen-Porter
Kathleen Phillips
Levi MacDougall
Brian Barlow
Jon McCurley

Sunday, April 5.
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm


Talkin' About it with Pat Kelly

Here's a little vid I helped my friend Pat out with. It's an improvised ambiguous talk show. He's made a bunch more with some great Toronto comedians. Check it out!

I look extra fat in it for some reason. The cardigan? Anyway, I'm a little fat but not THAT fat... for anyone out there whoever checks this and doesn't know me and then judges me. BUT! Being fat is fine also.

Oh Boy.

So, the Dinkus show was really good too!


Whoa! The whole Dinkus vs Alien thing!

The show is tomorrow night and it's literally going to be diagnosed as too crazy. People should definitely come out to catch this once in a lifetime opp.
Check out my shit/awesome pic for the show.

Here's the real details:

The Comedy Bar is Proud to have comedy "Super" group, Dinkus spend an evening on it's stage acting afraid of an alien!

We got:
Brian Barlow!
Graham Wagner!
Aaron Eves!
Michael Balazo!
& Chris Locke!
as the almighty Dinkus

And also:
Kurt Smeaton!
as the almighty host

Thursday, March 5
The Comedy Bar
945 Bloor St. W.
Got to catch the big one!



It's the March Madness/B-day show tonight and I'm really excited for this. It's Aaron and mine's birthday and also it's my all-time favourite live comedy show to perform. Here's a wacky psychedelic pic I made for the event and the details.

It's Chris and Aaron's birthdays (They're both Pisces, does that work for you?) and they want everyone surrounding them like a drum circle but instead of making drum noises, make laugh noises! Laugh circle if you will.

Here's the info!

Let's Get Hot!
Chris Locke & Aaron Eves

Brian Barlow
Tim Gilbert
Bob Kerr
Kathleen Phillips
Mack Lawrenz
Dan Ramos
Levi MacDougall
Surprise guest:
Nick Flanagan! Surprise!

and a vid by Graham Wagner

Plus other fun stuff!

Come feel good with us!

Sunday, March 1st
332 Queen St. W.
Doors: 8:30pm