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Let's Get Hot! July 4, 2010!

Back from the depths of Hell, it is the ultimate inferno bending antics of hilaritons, Chris Locke and Aaron Eves. They're excited to be doing a new LET'S GET HOT! show especially with these acts that will be listed in just a moment...

Let's Get Hot!
with Chris Locke & Aaron Eves


Steve Scholtz
Rebecca Kohler
Stephanie Tolev
Bob Kerr
Chris Robinson
Jon McCurley
Brian Barlow
Nick Flanagan
Kathleen Phillips

Oh yeah, it is going to be a mighty show. You WILL get smacked with a baton! Please make it out and let's all celebrate the summer and have a great time!

334 Queen St. W.
Doors open at 8:30pm!

Facebook Event

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