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Ways to tell that your banana has the flu.

Yes, that's right. I've compiled ALL the ways to tell that your banana has the flu.

1. It coughs when you peel it.

2. It's covered in beads of cold sweat.

3. It's covered in rancid chocolate.

4. It complains about the sundae you put it in being too hot and you're like, "What? No way, it's really cold.".

5. It just wants to stay in bed and watch episodes of Futurama all day.

6. It turns the health shake in your blender into a silent but deadly fart.

7. It won't take it's scarf off in the house.

8. It smushes itself.

1 comment:

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

4 is my favourite, really like that better than 3.